005011931 Levi's Premium 501 Original Fit Selvedge Jeans Long Day

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Levi's Premium 501 Original Fit Selvedge Jeans Long Day 

Item #: 005011931


Always look for the Water<Less™ logo to identify products in the Water<Less™ Collection. Our Water<Less™ collection includes the classic styles you love — made with a lot less water. Since we invented it in 1873, the 501® Jean has been a blank canvas for self-expression. This pair is skillfully constructed with premium selvedge denim from Cone® Mills, a leading American manufacturer and proud Levi's® partner for over 100 years. Selvedge, from the term "self-edge," refers to the woven strip on both edges of a roll of fabric. It's traditionally woven on narrow-width vintage shuttle looms, producing a clean, fringeless edge that's tightly bound to ensure longevity and durability. 

  • 100% Cotton Made in USA Fabric
  • Final garment imported
  • Selvedge
  • Non-Stretch Selvedge Denim from Cone® Mills (USA)
  • Button fly 
  • Made with domestic and imported materials 

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