About us

  We are Stars & Stripes, a fashion boutique store located in the heart of Old Torrance California. We take pride in handling high quality goods, mainly from domestic manufactures that have passed down their crafts from generation to generation and a few from over seas. We have an immense love for American domestic products and manufactures and we hope that through our business we could pay our due respect to those companies and play our part in the expansion of the American domestic market. We opened up our store with a dream to make the people of this nation fall in love with the items produced right in our own back yards just as we have.

  We also sell products that are Americana but are produced over seas due to the manufactures having to switch overseas to cut cost but that is the sole reason why we push American made goods so that the makers could keep the tradition going in the domestic manufacturing business. We sell variety of different fashion styles from lifestyle, cutting-edge, outdoor, military, surf, skate, snow, etc. we are willing to expand into new territories as long as our goals of helping the domestic market and being fashionable are met. We are happy to announce that after making our name known and building up our customer base we are finally starting up our online web store.

  Our goal with this is not to just allow our current customers to buy product from the comfort of their homes but to also reach all across the nation and the globe to show the real beauty of the products made by those that have achieved and/or strive to achieve their own American dreams.   

Contact Information:


Stars & Stripes

1107 Van Ness Ave. Torrance, CA 90501

Phone: (310) 320-3207   Thursday - Saturday   12:00 - 6:00 pm

Email: info@starsandstripes.la