2158 New York Hat Sal Straw Bamboo

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New York Hat Sal Straw Bamboo

Item #: 2158

Made in USA

New York Hat company was founded in 1982 by Arnold Ackerman and his wife Barbara. Americans across the country after its establishment as one of the top brands for over 20 years until now boasts a featured in various movies, videos, fashion show and dozens of magazines, along with the best quality hats to fans around the world has been loved, along with thousands of boutiques and specialty Hat shop.

  • Straw materials
  • Color:  Bamboo

 Size  Large 7 1/4  - 7 3/8 

Tuba Approximately 1.4inch - 1.6inch
Height Approx. 4.5inch  (depth:3.7inch -3.9inch)