Bedrock Sandals - Cairn Sandals Adventure-Minimal

Bedrock Sandals

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Bedrock Sandals - Cairn Sandals Adventure-Minimal  

Made in USA

From trail to river to everything in between, the Cairn is built for all adventures. Five years of R&D, an exclusive sole design from Vibram®, and a new, super-secure strap system, means you can go further and freer than ever before.

  • Exclusive Regolith Vibram® Sole: Sticky + durable rubber ready to grip for years to come.
  • No-slip secure fit: Intelligent patent-pending strap + upper system with premium tubular webbing, 3 adjustment zones, and our super comfy sole hugger wings.
  • Minimalist design: Conforms to your feet for superior ground feel and traction.
  • Rock solid: Premium components, bombproof + waterproof construction, made in USA with US and imported parts (sole imported).