Suavecito Pomade Firme Strong Hold 4 oz Unscented

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Suavecito Pomade Firme Strong Hold 4 oz Unscented

Made in USA

We here at Suavecito Pomade want to help simplify your life and makes things that much easier. When you look good and feel well, we feel good. And we’re flexible with always having a great solution for whatever you may need. Do you have a complicated fragrance chemistry going on with your cologne? We have an answer for that.

This is our unscented pomade. Yes, a pomade that smells like nothing when it’s in your hair. Is it there or not? You wouldn’t know through your nose but you would on sight because your hair is going to look great with this stuff. It has all the same great features as our original line-up that you love. It has a perfect strong hold, lasts all day and washes out first try. It just works like you want it to but without the scent. It is great for the hombre that doesn’t want his pomade to clash with his cologne/ aftershave or who just wants to smell neutral.

You already know this pomade. It has that crazy awesome powerful hold that will style whatever you want. Mohawk? Super high pompadour? Thick curly hair slicked back straight? Yes to all. It will last all day long and then some. When it’s time to wash out it doesn’t need any special shampoos or soaps, just water. It rinses out effortlessly and leaves the hair feeling the way it felt before.

Directions: Start with damp or dry hair and work in a small amount of product. Rub product between hands to warm for easy application. Apply more as needed. Style loosely with fingers and finish with brush or comb. When it’s time to wash out simply rinse with water in the shower. Easy peasy.

  • Everything you love about our original line-up…
  • ..well, except for the scent
  • Completely scentless when styled in hair
  • Does not tint hair - perfect for blonde or lighter color hair types 
  • Washes out with just water
  • Proudly made in the United States